My Approach

In my work as a psychotherapist, I give space for you to express what may be bothering you and offer a very respectful, non-judgemental presence and allowance for you to express your particular stress, anxieties, hurdles, shifts, feelings you may be experiencing in the moment. 

In this confidential atmosphere, I offer support for you to explore what may be troubling you. Through working together, you will gain a sense of support and hopefully a more grounded sense of self. We’ll work together to help you through crisis or feelings of general malaise or urgency. 

I am especially sensitive to identity issues, life-transition issues, stress related to relationship difficulties; grappling with the meaning of life issues, separation, grief, loss, cultural or family difficulties, work related issues, feelings of being stuck, confusion, feeling lost, low self esteem, or anything that may be troubling you. 

My strength as a psychotherapist comes from being extremely empathic, respectful and non judgemental in my approach to everyone. Plus I bring my life experience to the table. 

The theoretical basis that informs my work is Attachment Theory, Self psychology and Intersubjectivity Theory.

What To Expect

First we’ll meet and you may feel comfortable to say or I may invite you to share what brings you to therapy. Hopefully we will click and feel that it It’s a good fit and we will begin the process of understanding what may be bothering you. 

I listen very attentively and gently inquire about how you may feel about a situation you want to talk about or a feeling you may have. Through talking, I help you to learn a little more about patterns or feelings you may have and together we discover a little more and understand what you are experiencing. 

This new relationship that is forming is very important. You will feel understood and supported and not judged. You can bring anything into the room. You can also be silent if you need at times, that’s okay too. 

The important thing is that you will begin to feel better able to cope and be with whatever situation you’re in because I, the therapist, am listening and supporting you and together we are being curious and making sense of your particular situation, issues and dilemmas.